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If you want to go fast, you must learn to go slow.

EnduroXcoach classes are different. We teach Trials techniques and drills to master slow, technical terrain. These techniques are completely the opposite of how most people learn to ride off-road. Most schools teach you how to grip the bike and use momentum.  When the terrain gets tough and you lose momentum, you have to learn different body position and balance techniques that allow the bike to move underneath you.


Not all off-road techniques are the same.

There are a lot of great off-road schools that teach fundamentals to learn to ride.
They also have classes that teach you how to ride at faster speeds.
The world’s top extreme Enduro riders learned how to ride motorcycles on a SLOW trials bike then adapted those techniques to the bigger FAST bikes. 

No matter what skill level you’re at, or what size bike you ride, you’ll learn trials techniques to enhance your riding ability tremendously.

Classes are limited in size so that every rider gets focused, one on one, training. Everyone starts with the same basic fundamentals and advances at their own pace. Professional racers might advance faster than beginning riders but nobody is held back. Likewise, no one is forced to move forward until they are comfortable with the drill. The only limiting factor is you. 

Each drill is designed to build the rider’s confidence throughout the day. By the time we get to the logs and rocks, the rider is fully confident and able to ride over obstacles that were previously too scary to imagine.


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